Jedi Counsel Podcast 98 – Ask Us Anything

In this episode, we responded to super-interesting questions that we received through Twitter and e-mail from you all! We opened up by responding to a letter that The Black Goat podcast received (you should totally check out their excellent podcast about psychological science:!). The questions ranged from whether it is appropriate to have a podcast if you’re a clinical psychology graduate student to the psychology behind Harry Potter being willing to self-sacrifice to defeat Voldemort. We hope you enjoy this very informal discussion, and please feel free to send us questions and thoughts any time on Twitter (@Jedi_Counsel) or e-mail:,. Thanks for listening!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 97 – Reunite Families who were Separated at the Border

We are completely opposed to children being separated from their parents after crossing the border into the United States. The purpose of this episode is to 1) suggest resources with research and information on the long-lasting, damaging effects of parent-child separation and 2) suggest actions that you can take to fight this abhorrent policy. While an executive order may have ended the practice of separation, it’s still vitally important that families who have already been separated get reunited. We also discussed some of our suggestions for balancing your mental health needs in the face of this news. For more detailed information, please check out our blog post:

Reunite Families Separated at the Border

We are completely opposed to children being separated from their parents after crossing the border into the United States. The purpose of this post is to 1) link to research and information on the long-lasting, damaging effects of parent-child separation and 2) suggest actions that you can take to fight this abhorrent policy and insist that families are reunited.

Statements from Experts About the Harm of Separating Children from their Parents:

Circle of Willis Podcast: Children at the Border We strongly recommend listening to this episode. The host spoke to 5 developmental scientists about the likely impact of this policy.

Washington Post Article by Clinical Psychologist and Neuroscientist, Jim Coan

Letter to President Trump from the American Psychological Association

Statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Statement from the Association for Research in Personality

Statement from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Statement of APA President Regarding the Executive Order Rescinding Immigrant Family Separation Policy

American Association of Suicidology’s Statement on the Detrimental Effects of the Administration’s Family Separation Policy

Statement from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies on Taking Children Away from their Parents

Ways to Take Action:

Call your representatives in Congress and tell them that you want them to pass legislation that stops this policy immediately.

Donate to RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) to reunite families.

Vote in the midterm elections for candidates that oppose these types of policies.

Attend a Families Belong Together protest.

Get informed and spread the word to others.

Donate to candidates who are against family separation & in close November races:

– Small
– Eastman
– Slotkin
– Fletcher
– Heitkamp
– O’Rourke

family-mother-father-child (1)


Jedi Counsel Podcast 96 – Superhero Therapy with Dr. Janina Scarlet

We were profoundly moved after hearing about Dr. Janina Scarlet’s life story and her contributions to the mental health world. Dr. Scarlet was born in Ukraine and experienced radiation poisoning as a toddler due to the Chernobyl disaster. Then, she and her family experienced dangerous anti-Semitic threats until they were eventually granted refugee status. Once in the United States, Dr. Scarlet was targeted by bullies and experienced mental health struggles. Her connections to superhero stories helped her to cope and feel empowered in the face of hardships. Dr. Scarlet went on to become a psychologist and now she is helping others through Superhero Therapy, which places evidence-based mental health intervention techniques (e.g., acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy) in the context of popular culture and relatable stories. She now travels the world training mental health professionals and connecting with people about their experiences. We hope you enjoy this episode! It was an honor for us to interview Dr. Scarlet. You can check out all of her wonderful work at

Suicide Prevention Information & Resources

This week involved a lot of heartbreaking suicide-related news. We tragically lost Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain to suicide. We also learned that U.S. suicide rates increased substantially over the past several years. If you want to learn and do more to prevent suicide, we want to help you out by linking to some good sources. We hope you find them useful.


If you need help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Trans Lifeline

The Trevor Project (for LGTBQ+ youth)

Veterans Crisis Line

Find a Therapist

Find a Support Group for People Who Have Lost Someone to Suicide

Listen to a Hopeful Music Playlist Made by College Students

Research-Supported Treatments for Adults

Research-Supported Treatments for Children

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns

How to help others:

Warning Signs

How to Help Someone Who is Suicidal

Take a Mental Health First Aid Training Course

Get involved:

Call Your Representatives and Tell Them to Prioritize Policies linked to Suicide Prevention (e.g., access to quality healthcare, funding for research)

Participate in an Out of Darkness Community Walk

For information:

Suicide Statistics

Suicide Prevention Social Media Chat

Live Through This Photo Project

Wil Wheaton Essay about Mental Health

Rudy Caseres, Mental Health Advocate

Robert Vore, Mental Health Advocate

It Gets Better Project

Why People Die by Suicide by Thomas Joiner

Myths about Suicide by Thomas Joiner

Guns and Suicide by Michael Anestis

Cracked Not Broken by Kevin Hines

Speaking of Suicide by Stacey Freedenthal

Jedi Counsel Podcast 95 – Suicide in the News

Hello, wonderful listeners. There was a lot of heartbreaking suicide-related news this week. We tragically lost Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain to suicide, and the CDC released a report showing that suicide rates have increased in the United States. This brief episode is about tending to your mental health needs, helping someone if they have suicidal thoughts, and pointing out some misconceptions about suicide. We hope for a future with the resources needed to effectively prevent suicide.


For additional information, please visit:


American Association of Suicidology

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Trans Lifeline

The Trevor Project

Veterans Crisis Line

Effective Child Therapy

Research-Supported Psychological Treatments


If you have any questions for us, please contact us on Twitter or e-mail us at Thank you for listening!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 94 – Reactions to A Quiet Place, Blockers, Deadpool 2, & Solo

Hi, everyone! This week, we informally discussed our thoughts about four movies we’ve seen relatively recently. First, we talked about the scary movie A Quiet Place and tied it with some anxiety-related concepts. Next, we talked about the movie Blockers – how funny it was and the parent-child relationship depictions. Then, we went into more detail about Deadpool 2, including some discussion of suicidal desire. Lastly, we talked about Solo and our thoughts about motivations for various characters behavior. Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @Jedi_Counsel!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 93 – Talking Mental Health Advocacy & Lived Experience with Rudy Caseres

Hello, wonderful listeners! We had a special guest, Rudy Caseres, on this week’s episode, and we talked all about his incredible work as a mental health advocate! Rudy speaks and writes publicly about his experiences with bipolar disorder and surviving suicide. In addition to hosting a Facebook show (No Restraints) with a variety of interesting topics and guests, he’s given over 100 public talks, works with This is My Brave, was awarded NAMI California’s Outstanding Peer Award in 2017, and writes for The Mighty. He was named a Mighty Mental Health Hero in 2017 for being a social media superstar. We discussed his impactful work, his opinions on forced treatment, and his views on whether he wants his bipolar disorder to be cured. You can view some of Rudy’s talks on YouTube and find links to his other amazing work on his website, Thank you so much for listening!


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Jedi Counsel Podcast 92 – Avengers: Infinity War Reaction Episode

Hey Avengers! This week we take a break and head to the cinema. Listen in as we record our reaction to Avengers: Infinity War! Tons of spoilers, so hold off until you see the film.

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The Rickistential Podcast 4 – Rick Potion #9 and Raising Gazropazorp (S1, E6 & E7)

Hello, Rickistentialists! This week we discussed “Rick Potion #9” and “Raising Gazropazorp.” First, we talked about fictional portrayals of romantic relationships and highlighted some healthy examples while also pointing out some unhealthy examples of fictional relationships. We chatted about how therapy might help individuals who have dating-related concerns. Then, we talked about parenting and the influences of nature and nurture on children.

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