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Episode 36: The Geek Therapy Podcast Network and Josué Cardona (3/24/2017) – Hey folks! This week we were fortunate enough to interview the highly esteemed Josué Cardona! He is the founder of the Geek Therapy Podcast Network and was vital to Jedi Counsel becoming what it is today. 

Episode 35: Suicidal Ideation and Logan (3/17/2017) – ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS LOGAN SPOILERS*** Hey folks! This week we finally get to talk about Logan. We start with our overall impressions and then dive into some of the suicidal thoughts Logan is experiencing throughout the film. For more information related to suicide; click here for statistics, here for warning signs, and here for what you can do if you are concerned about a friend or loved one.

You can find Thomas Joiner‘s book about the interpersonal theory of suicide here. Katie’s lab’s study examining the stigma of suicide is available here.

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Episode 34: Internet Gaming Disorder and The Guild (3/10/2017) – Hey folks! This week, with some inspiration from MPR, we decided to talk about Internet Gaming Disorder. After talking a bit about the disorder, we cover one of the most accurate and compassionate depictions of mental illness in popular culture; The Guild with Felicia Day! Thanks for listening!

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Episode 33: Eating Disorder Awareness Week and Body Depictions in Comics (3/3/2017) – After two weeks off the air, we nearly forgot how to make podcasts! Just kidding… listen in as we dive into eating disorders. We start by covering the specific disorders, then talk a bit about body shape in comic books, and finish up by briefly touching upon treatments.
Click here for more information about eating disorders.
Click here for more information about treatments for eating disorders.
Click here for the Atlantic article on the comic book character Faith Herbert.
Click here for the article on Renae De Liz on drawing women in comics.


Episode 32: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Part 3: Split (2/20/2017) – Hey folks! This week we conclude our series on dissociative identity disorder by reviewing the 2016 film Split. Fresh from seeing it the night prior, we offer a quick plot summary, our reactions, whether it is an accurate representation, and whether it is a compassionate depiction. See here for the referenced article from The Guardian, sent in via Zach McGough. Thanks, Zach! 

Episode 31: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Part 2 (2/3/2017) – Hey folks! We start this week off with some current events, including the new MBMBAM tv trailer. After that, we continue our discussion of dissociative identity disorder. We start by covering a study by Spanos and with a discussion of the Hillside Strangler. Then we jump into some fictional examples, including Two-Face, of Batman fame, and Tara from The United States of Tara. Thanks for listening in!

Episode 30: Dissociative Identity Disorder (1/27/2017) – Hey folks! Big news! We are officially part of the Geek Therapy Podcast Network! Check out all of the great shows this wonderful network has available! After we nerd out about that, listen in as we begin our discussion of dissociative identity disorder. We start things off by talking about what the disorder is, what the symptoms are, and how it is treated! Next week we will dive in on how the disorder is portrayed in popular media!

Episode 29: Rogue One, Hope, and Representation (1/20/2017) – Hey folks! Today we finally got to talk about Rogue One. Sorry it took so long! Listen in as we talk about our general thoughts about the film and then get into some of the benefits of hope and representation. As always, thanks for listening in!

Episode 28: Bipolar Disorder and a Tribute to Carrie Fisher (1/13/2017) – Hey folks! Today we decided to talk a bit about Princess Leia Organa, Carrie Fisher, and Bipolar Disorder. Carrie Fisher did so much to advocate for for mental illness and deserved some attention. We also dive into Bipolar Disorder. We cover some myths/facts, the symptoms, and available treatments. Thanks for listening in!

Episode 27: Mad Max (1/9/2017) – We hope the new year is treating you well! This week’s episode covers one of our favorite characters, Mad Max! We cover a bit of the relevant background of the character and then dive into the psychology. Enjoy! 

Episode 26: Kevin Smith (1/1/2017) – Happy New Year, everyone! To bring in the new year, we decided to talk about one of our favorite people ever, Kevin Smith! Listen in as we talk about why we like him and how he inspired us and this project! Plus, this week’s episode features two, you read that right, two pearls of wisdom!

Episode 25: The McElroy Brothers, Humor, and Mental Health (12/23/2016) – Hi folks! During this episode we discuss the McElroy brothers! You might know them from My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, or any of their other great projects. You can find them all here! Listen in as we talk about why we like these good, good brothers, how humor and mental health might be related, and then we finish up by answering some questions on Yahoo! Answers related to psychology!

Episode 24: Dr. Horrible, Part 3 (12/9/2016) – The epic conclusion to our Dr. Horrible Commentary Saga is upon you! Listen in here as we conclude our commentary of this beautiful, yet harrowing, tale. 

Episode 23: Dr. Horrible, Part 2 (12/2/2016) – Welcome back to our Dr. Horrible Saga! You can listen in to part two here! Load it up and follow along as we continue this mystical journey through one of our favorite musicals!

Episode 22: Dr. Horrible, Part 1 (11/22/2016) – This week we decided to dive into one of our favorite musicals, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. We started this week with Act 1. Load it up and follow along with us as we provide our thoughts and commentary during this excellent piece!

Episode 21: Wonder Woman (11/12/2016) – This week is all Wonder Woman! We were inspired by the newly dropped trailer and the character herself! Listen in as we cover our perspective of Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman. (Also, please pardon the audio issues! We updated our recording set up and need to fine tune the process again! Thank you!)

Episode 20: Halloween Scare-tacular! Fear, Anxiety, and Phobias (10/27/2016) – This week we took a listener suggestion and decided to talk about fear! We start the conversation with Dr. Crane, the Scarecrow and talk a bit about Brandon’s research on fear. Then we move into the clinical realm with a discussion about fear, anxiety, and phobias. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Episode 19: Samantha Myhre, Music, and Mental Health (10/21/2016) – Listen in as we talk with special guest co-host, Samantha Myhre! She brings us her experiences as an instructor, clinician, and musician to tell us about the gaps between music and mental health. 

Episode 18: Superheroes and Coping Styles (10/14/2016) – In this episode we decided to talk about coping styles! Coping styles are the negative or positive ways in which we handle stress and negative emotions. After that we speak about the ways in which we find inspiration and motivation in superheroes, using them as a coping skill. How do superheroes help to inspire or motivate you?

Episode 17: Star Wars, Part 3 – The Light Side (10/7/2016) – Today we conclude our conversation on Star Wars by delving into the light side of the Force. We talk about our favorite characters as well as some of the ways in which the Jedi teachings, like mindfulness meditation, might apply to therapy or overall positive mental health.

Episode 16: Star Wars, Part 2 – The Dark Side (9/29/106) – Today we continued our conversation on Star Wars by delving into the dark side of the Force. Check out this discussion by Dr. Andrea Letamendi who inspired this week’s topic. We talk about our favorite Star Wars villains and what might lead someone to falling to the dark side. 

Episode 15: Star Wars and (some) Psychology, Part 1 (9/22/216)Today we decided to talk about Star Wars and largely forgot about mental health until the very end. Listen in as we talk about the Star Wars series and who our favorite characters are. We decided if there can be three Star Wars trilogies in the film world, our podcast can have its own Star Wars trilogy. Tune in as we continue the conversation about Star Wars and how it relates to mental health over the following two episodes.

Episode 14: The Science of Clinical Psychology (9/15/2016) – Today we decided to dive into the science of clinical psychology. Listen in as we describe how clinical scientists choose treatments as well as how those treatments undergo empirical investigation. For more information on the debate between therapy as a science vs an art, click here and here! You can find more information about empirically supported interventions here, and for children, here! And click here to learn more about treatments that harm! And for a great blog resource on empirically supported interventions, click here!

Episode 13: Jessica Jones and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (9/8/2016) – Today we talk about Marvel’s hit Netflix series, Jessica Jones! Listen in as we talk about our thoughts about the show in general, as well as the portrayal or mental health. Here is a closer look at some of the empirically-supported interventions. Here you can find some further resources for PTSD via the VA system.

Episode 12: The Controversy over Diagnosing Donald Trump (8/25/2016) – Today we dive into some of the controversy over diagnosing Donald Trump. It’s popped up throughout the media and social networks, but is it ethical? Listen in to learn more about this example, others, and the ethical standards surrounding this controversial topic!

Episode 11: Psychology and the Suicide Squad (8/18/2016) – Today we start by discussing our thoughts on the newest Rogue One trailer, which you can see here! After that, we dive into Suicide Squad! Listen in as we talk about some of our thoughts, as well as some specific psychology related to some of the characters.

Episode 10: Richard Early from Paradox Comics-N-Cards (8/11/2016) – Today we stopped over to our favorite comic book store, Paradox! Listen in as we discuss some of the psychology behind comic books and table top gaming with the owner, Richard Early. 

Episode 9: A Simple Case (8/4/2016) – We start with a quick recap of some related comic book news. After that, we dive into Batman #44, by Scott Snyder, in which he address multiple relevant social issues related to racial disparities. For more information on the topic, please check out a blog post by our very own Katie Gordon, an excellent Science Friday podcast episode about the health costs of racism, or this excellent YouTube video by Dr. Ali Mattu of The Psych Show. 

Episode 8: The Killing Joke (7/28/2016) – We start things off with our new current events sections. Hear our thoughts about the recent Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers. After that, we discuss both the graphic novel as well as the recent film adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Hear our thoughts about how they portray the character of Batgirl as well as mental health. 

Episode 7: Pokemon GO! and Dark Night: A True Batman Story (7/14/16) – We discuss the wildly popular Pokemon Go! game. What are some of the pros and cons that you have noticed? After that we talk about one of our new favorite graphic novels, Dark Night: A True Batman Story by Paul Dini. 

Episode 6: Why Does Everyone Hate Kylo Ren? (6/22/16) – We discuss the character Kylo Ren. Everyone seems to dislike him. We really enjoyed him! Listen along as we discuss some of the common criticisms and then respond directly to comments that we found on the World Wide Web!

Episode 5: Comics & Psychology (6/16/16)We discuss how we became interested in comics, what we like so much about Buffy and Batman, DC Rebirth, and potential applications of comics in mental health settings. We get most of our comics at Paradox Comics-N-Cards. We especially like DC Comics & Dark Horse Comics. Many excellent psychologists have utilized comics in their work – we have posted links to their websites here.

Episode 4: Dungeons and Dragons (6/2/16) – We provide some description and history on Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition and discuss some of the ways in which the fantasy genre (games and other media) are viewed negatively as well as the ways D&D has experienced a resurgence and has been implemented in a therapeutic setting.

Episode 3: Diversity Day (5/26/16) – We provide commentary for one of our favorite episodes of The Office (Diversity Day) and discuss culturally-sensitive mental health services.

Episode 2: Harley Quinn and The Joker (5/23/16) – We discuss our views about Harley Quinn, The Joker, and their relationship from a psychological perspective.

Episode 1: Batman v Superman (4/1/16) – We discuss our views about the movie, Batman v Superman, from a mental health perspective.