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Episode 78: Bonus Episode, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review Reaction Pod! (12/15/17)

Hey, Jedi friends! We just saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Here is our spoiler filled reaction podcast! Let us know what you thought on Twitter or Facebook!

Episode 77: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Borderline Personality Disorder, Part 2 (12/15/17)

CONTENT WARNING: This episode features some discussion of self-harm and suicidal behavior.

Hi, Jedi Counsel listeners! In this episode, we continued our discussion about borderline personality disorder and the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This episode focuses on a treatment for borderline personality disorder called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). First, we talked about the founder of DBT, Marsha Linehan. Then, we provided an overview of the scientific support and framework for DBT. We also recommended checking out the Suicide Prevention Social Media Chat (#SPSM) and Learned from Gaming. Thank you for listening! Happy holidays!

Episode 76: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Borderline Personality Disorder, Part 1 (12/8/17)

CONTENT WARNING: This episode discusses suicidal behavior, including details of a suicide attempt featured on the show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Hi, friends! In this episode, we talked about the depiction of borderline personality disorder in the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. We were impressed by the realistic ways that they portrayed the lead character’s feelings about her diagnosis and how it reflected research on diagnostic feedback and some of our clinical experiences. After discussing the show, we described the diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder, the prevalence rates, and some of the associated features. Tune in next week to hear about a research-based treatment for borderline personality disorder called Dialectical Behavior Therapy!

Episode 75: Stranger Things Series, Part 3 (11/22/17)

Hello, friends of Jedi Counsel! In this episode, we first thanked a new Patreon patron and then mentioned a podcast that we enjoy called Naming It. Next, we talked about episodes 7-9 of Stranger Things. We geeked out about the Dungeons and Dragons references in the series and also discussed many psychology-related topics: multifinality, equifinality, empathy, Billy’s antisocial behavior, Hopper’s cognitive distortion about being a “black hole,” Eleven’s need to belong, and more. Thanks for listening! Please join us next week for more chatting about mental health and general nerdom!

Episode 74 – Reactions to Justice League (11/17/2017)

In this episode, we talked about our impressions of Justice League. This is a reaction episode, so it’s kind of like just tuning in to hear us have an unstructured conversation about a movie we liked. We touched on psychological concepts that we observed in Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Superman, and The Flash. Let us know what you thought of the movie by tweeting us at @Jedi_Counsel!

Episode 73: Strange Things 2 Series, Part 2 (11/17/2017)

Happy Friday, Jedi Counsel listeners! In this episode, we continue our discussion of Stranger Things 2, focusing primarily on episodes 4-6. Again, tons of spoilers! This week we focus on the depiction of psychological topics related to: punishment as a behavior modification strategy, providing appropriate and helpful diagnostic feedback, the importance and influence of having a name, the impact of trauma on hippocampal volume, dating advice and asking for consent, and active listening. Join us next week as we conclude our mini-series on the psychological science depicted in Strange Things 2!

Episode 72: Stranger Things 2 Series, Part 1 (11/10/17)

Hello, loyal Jedi Counsel listeners! In this episode, we first sent out some supportive thoughts to anyone who needs it. We also mentioned our mental health resources page. Next, we expressed gratitude for all of our wonderful Patreon patrons! Then, we talked about episodes 1-3 of Stranger Things. WARNING: THERE ARE A BUNCH OF SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE!!! We talked about the following psychological concepts in Stranger Things: trauma, “the anniversary effect,” Phineas Gage, and therapy for nightmares. Join us next week for more geeking-out about Stranger Things and psychological science!

Episode 71: Thor: Ragnarok Review (11/3/2017)

Hail and well met, Asgardians! This week the Jedi Counsel takes off our psychologist hats, and dons our Asgardian armor as we dive into Thor: Ragnarok. Tune in to hear our impressions of the film. This episode has heavy Thor: Ragnarok spoilers, so please don’t tune in until you’ve seen the film! Thanks for listening! Also, let us know what you think of the new intro theme music!

Episode 70 – Psychology of Behavior Change, Part 2 (10/27/2017)

Hi, Jedi Counsel listeners! This episode continues with a discussion of the psychological science underlying behavioral modification (i.e., behavioral change). We talk about applying reinforcement principles, behavior tracking, and planning to self-change efforts. We share some of the apps and methods that we have personally found helpful. We mention the following in the episode: HabitBull, SuperBetter, and Level Up Your Life (to our knowledge none have been scientifically-tested, but we have personally found them useful). We wish you a wonderful week with good mental health!

Episode 69 – Psychology of Behavior Change, Part 1 (10/20/2017)

Hello! This episode starts off with a brief discussion of the #MeToo social media movement that arose following the news coverage about Harvey Weinstein and those affected by his harmful behavior. For more information about #MeToo, please look here. If it it’s helpful, please check out RAINN. It is an anti-sexual violence organization with a website that contains resources, information, and a hotline (800-656-4673). Next, we begin an introduction to the psychological science underlying behavioral modification (i.e., behavioral change). We talk about reinforcement, punishment, and other aspects of behavior. Our next episode will discuss how you can use these principles to change your own behaviors and habits. Thanks for listening!


Episode 68: Trends Like These Tribute Episode: Beyond the Psychology Headlines (10/13/2017)

Hello, loyal Jedi Counsel listeners! Trends Like These by Brent Black and Travis McElroy is one of our FAVORITE podcasts! As a fan tribute to them, we designed this episode with their podcast structure in mind (e.g., rhyming headlines, Bevs Like These, news stories, and Wi-Fives). While our podcast usually explores mental health in fictional characters, this episode is all about discussing recent psychology-related new stories.

These are the 4 stories we discussed:

1 MENSA Offers to Host IQ Test for Trump and Tillerson

  • For more on IQs, check out this article and this link. Learn more about Rosa’s Law here. For research showing how environments are related to various outcomes, look here and here.

2 Why Adults are Obsessed with Teen Dramas, According to Psychology

3 Pete Davidson Addresses Borderline Personality Disorder on Saturday Night Live

  • For more about borderline personality disorder and its treatment, check out this link and this one.

4 Billion-Tweet Study Proves We Write Happier Messages When the Weather is Good

We concluded the episode by thanking Brent and Travis for their tweets on #WorldMentalHealthDay. They each shared their experiences with mental health issues to reduce stigma, and we think that is inspiring and awesome! We hope you all enjoy this non-fiction episode! Next week, we’ll be back to fiction!


Episode 67 – Taking Care of Your Mental Health – Bonus Episode (10/6/2017)

Hi, wonderful folks! We’ve had a lot on our minds this week after hearing about the tragic loss of lives in Las Vegas, Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and much more. We created this episode to open a dialogue about the importance of managing mental health in the face of stressful news. People directly affected by these events particularly need resources, but those of us who are indirectly affected can also be impacted. We share some of the ways that we have found helpful in balancing the importance of awareness of world events with the importance of maintaining wellness. What mental health maintenance strategies do you find helpful? If you Tweet or message them to us, we’ll share them. Let’s work together and support each other.

In the episode, we mention that one strategy for coping is to find ways to help. This can include calling your government representatives to express your opinions on an issue, reaching out to people affected, and/or donating to related charities. If you are in the U.S., you can find the contact information for your representatives in Congress here: https://whoismyrepresentative.com/.


Episode 66 – Exploring Language in Science Fiction with Dr. Erin Conwell (10/6/2017)

Hello, Jedi Counsel listeners! This episode features Dr. Erin Conwell, a special guest with expertise in language. Listen in to hear Dr. Conwell discuss the depiction of dialects in movies such as Good Will Hunting and Wonder Woman. Dr. Conwell also shared fascinating information about the fictional languages in Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and more! We learned so many fun facts making this episode, and we hope you enjoy it!


Episode 65 – When Does Collecting Become Hoarding? (9/29/20178)

Hello, everyone! This episode was inspired by a question sent to us through Twitter. One super-fun aspect of nerd culture is that we get to collect the things we love! When does collecting comic books, action figures, or anything else cross the line and become a problem? In this episode, we talk about the diagnostic criteria for hoarding disorder, provide some facts about how common it is, talk about what puts people at risk for it, and describe how mental health practitioners treat it. For more information on hoarding, please visit https://hoarding.iocdf.org/.


Episode 64 – Stress, Pregnancy, & Wynonna Earp with Dr. Clayton Hilmert (9/22/2017)

Hi there, Jedi Counsel listeners! This week was a fun and busy one for us! We were guests on DoxCast (a podcast hosted by our favorite comic book store) and #SPSM (a youtube show hosted by experts in suicide prevention). We were also very pleased to have a special guest on our show. Dr. Clayton Hilmert is a health psychologist with expertise in the impact of stress on the body (e.g., how it can lead to cardiovascular problems). We recommend checking out his fascinating TEDx talk! In this episode, Dr. Hilmert first talked to us about his important research on stress during pregnancy and how it can lead to adverse birth outcomes (e.g., low birth weight, infant mortality), racial disparities in birth outcomes, and how social connections can help to lessen the negative effects of stress. Next, we discussed how his research findings connect to the TV series, Wynonna Earp. We talked about how Wynonna’s pregnancy was represented in the show and discussed the implications of the stressors she experienced. Finally, we concluded with Dr. Hilmert telling us about his favorite fictional character. Thank you for listening!


Episode 63 – Rick & Morty Series, Part 3: Toxic Rick and Motivational Interviewing (9/15/2017)

Hey fans from Dimension C-137! This week we conclude our series by picking up with Motivational Interviewing. We give a brief primer of what this treatment looks like and discuss whether or not it might be an effective treatment option for Rick. After that, we briefly discuss the episode called Rest and Ricklaxation, in which we see what qualities Rick perceives to be toxic. Lastly (well actually early on, but still), we announce our potential plans to start a brand new Rick and Morty podcast geared toward breaking down the psychology in each and every episode! If you have liked this mini-series,  you can support the funding for the new podcast at our Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/Jedi_Counsel. Thank you!! 


Episode 62 – Rick & Morty Series, Part 2: The Psychology of Rick Sanchez (9/7/2017)

Hello, Rick and Morty fans! This week, we continue our series with a focus on Rick’s mental health (after 15 minutes of talking about unrelated stuff first, like Frasier). We discuss whether Rick exhibits symptoms of antisocial or narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy, or an alcohol use disorder. For more details on these topics, check out our full blog post about Rick’s mental health or the video of our Psychology of the Dark Side talk. Finally, we mention a wonderful video featuring Dr. Andrea Letamendi at the beginning of the episode. You can watch it here. We hope you enjoy this episode! If you do, please do us a favor and leave us a review on iTunes! Thank you so much!


Episode 61 – Rick & Morty Series, Part 1: Pickle Rick & Family Therapy (9/1/2017)

Hello, super-awesome listeners! This week, we begin our series on Rick & Morty by discussing the Pickle Rick episode in detail. We closely analyze the family dynamics as they meet with their therapist, Dr. Wong. We weigh in with our interpretations and thoughts on Dr. Wong’s interpretations and thoughts. This episode was totally inspired by listener suggestions and came to be through popular demand– so thank you all very much! This one’s especially for all of you who kindly recommended it to us! We hope you enjoy it!


Episode 60 – Iron Fist & Mental Health Facilities (8/25/2017)

Hello, Jedi Counsel listeners! This week, we discuss episode 2 of Marvel’s Iron Fist series on Netflix. We evaluate the mental health care that Danny Rand receives in light of current standards for respect, dignity, and up-to-date practice methods for clients. Specifically, we focus on how the mental health staff approach diagnosing and treating Danny within the context of the show. We briefly mention two relatively recent articles on the use of restraints in hospitals. For more information, please check them out here and here. Thank you so much for listening! We hope you have a wonderful week!


Episode 59: Tobias Funke, Dr. Spaceman, & Psychologists’ Code of Conduct (8/18/2017)

Hello, wonderful folks! We often talk about how good and realistic depictions of mental health are in fictional works. We thought we’d take an opportunity to talk about some of what goes into our formulation by giving a brief overview of the Code of Conduct that psychologists follow. We elaborate on some of these principles by giving examples of misconduct by two fictional health professionals (Dr. Tobias Funke of Arrested Development and Dr. Spaceman of 30 Rock) who have some, shall we say….problematic (but funny in a comedic context!) conduct.


Episode 58: To The Bone and Anorexia Nervosa, Part 2 (8/11/2017)

Hi, super-cool listeners! This episode is a continued discussion of the Netflix movie, To The Bone. We respond to more listener-submitted questions about eating disorders and treatment. Next, we discuss our opinions about the benefits and risks associated with depictions of mental health problems in social media, movies, and shows. We conclude with one of Brandon’s beloved pearls of wisdom. Thanks for tuning in!! For more information on eating disorders, check out the Academy for Eating Disorders and the Clinical Psychology section of the American Psychological Association website. You can find out more about the studies we discuss here and here


Episode 57: BONUS EPISODE – To The Bone and Anorexia Nervosa, Part 1 (8/4/2017)

Hello, wonderful listeners! This episode focuses on the Netflix movie, To The Bone. First, we talk about the symptoms of anorexia nervosa and the differences between anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. Then, we give our overall impressions of the movie, evaluate the depictions of eating disorders and therapy in it, and address questions that people submitted (thank you, question-submitters!). We conclude with a bit of a tangential discussion of Frasier and decide that we’ll need a second episode to talk more about the movie and treatment for anorexia nervosa. If you’d like to learn more about Maudsley (which was briefly mentioned in the movie), this is an outstanding resource!


Episode 56: Mr. Monk and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Part 2 (8/4/2017)

Welcome, new listeners! Welcome back, loyal listeners! This episode is the sequel to a previous episode on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We begin with a discussion of the symptoms and diagnostic criteria. Next, we talk about an evidence-based treatment for OCD (exposure and response prevention). We conclude with our analysis of fictional characters who are depicted with some OCD-like symptoms (e.g., Adrian Monk, Sheldon Cooper) and identify resources for more information about OCD here, here, and here.


Episode 55: BONUS EPISODE – Spider-Man: Homecoming (7/21/2017)

Hey, Spidey-Fans! This week we decided to leave the metaphorical therapist office where we analyze these fictional characters and check out Spider-Man: Homecoming! Listen in for our impressions! Also, fair warning, this episode is just packed full of Spidey-Spoilers! Thanks for listening and let us know what you’d like to hear us talk about next!


Episode 54: Mr. Monk and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Part 1 (7/14/2017)

Hail and well met, fine listeners! Today’s episode is the start of a two-part (probably…) series on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We start things off this week with a short and sweet discussion of the disorder, including how it differentiates from Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, the difference between obsessions and compulsions, and some of the risk factors and prevalence rates. Next week we will continue on by diving into some depictions of OCD in popular culture based on some of the great characters that you all tweeted to us! If any more come to mind, feel free to send them our way! As always, thanks for listening!


Episode 53: Get Out, Part 2: A Discussion of Racism and Mental Health (6/30/2017)

*This episode includes Get Out spoilers.*

 Hi there, awesome listeners! Today’s episode continues the discussion of the critically-acclaimed horror film, Get Out. First, we talk about race-related themes in the movie and their connections to psychology and mental health. Next, we discuss the approaches that mental health professionals take to provide effective services for diverse clients. Finally, we offer concluding thoughts and one of Brandon’s famous pearls of wisdom.

For more detailed information on these topics, please check out the following:

Get Out: Jordan Peele, a podcast episode on the Q&A Podcast

A blog post by Katie that summarizes and links to information about racial discrimination

American Psychological Association resources on psychology & racism

Naming It, a podcast co-hosted by two psychologists who “explore the intersections of social justice, psychology, and Blackness”

Hidden Brain, a podcast that recently did a series of episodes on topics related to psychology & racism

-5 mental health podcasts by therapists of color


Episode 52: Get Out, Part 1: Hypnosis, Mental Health Representation, & Treatment for Smoking (6/23/2017)

*This episode includes Get Out spoilers.*

Hello, loyal or new listeners! Today’s episode includes a discussion of the critically-acclaimed horror film, Get Out. First, we talk about our overall impressions of the movie. Next, we take a look at the mental health professional depicted in the movie, including her use of hypnosis. We conclude by talking very briefly about evidence-based treatments for quitting smoking.

For more detailed information on these topics, please check out the following:

How Hypnosis Works, a podcast episode by How Stuff Works

Get Out: Jordan Peele, a podcast episode on the Q&A Podcast

-For more information about quitting smoking, check out these resources from the American Lung Association.


Episode 51: Pride Month & the Love is Love Comic Anthology (6/16/17)
Content Warning: This episode includes discussion of the Pulse nightclub shooting and discussion of discrimination toward LGBTQ+ individuals.
Disclaimer: This episode is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of advice from a mental health or medical professional. If you are struggling with mental health issues, please seek professional help.
Episode Summary: It has been one year since the tragic loss of lives at Pulse nightclub. We begin this episode by discussing the Love is Love comic anthology that was created in remembrance of those affected. Next, we provide a brief overview of LGBTQ+ history within the field of psychology and discuss how discrimination negatively impacts mental health. Finally, we discuss some ways that mental health professionals can work toward reducing discrimination toward LGBTQ+ people. This episode does not go into depth, and instead provides an overview/introduction of these topics. For more detailed information and additional resources, please check out the following:

The APA Office on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
APA blog post on a study by the CDC on health risks faced by LGB Youth
The Trevor Project
Trans Lifeline
JAMA paper on same-sex marriage legislation and adolescent suicide attempt rates
This American Life episode about how “homosexuality” was removed from the DSM
Sawbones episode on Conversion Therapy
Information on the LGBT PRIDE Act
Love Is Love comic anthology
APA document on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation

Also, check out Geek Therapy’s episode on Love is Love here!


Episode 50: Myths, Part 5: Substance Use-Related Myths with Dr. Keith Donohue (6/9/2017) – Hey folks! This week, we conclude our mini-series on myths with a focus on substance use-related misconceptions. Our guest expert, Dr. Keith Donohue, discusses topics related to the nature, treatment, and fictional depictions of substance use problems.  Some fictional characters we discuss include Jessica Jones, Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, Dr. House, and Logan. If you are interested in additional information on this topic, you can find it here and here.

Episode 49: BONUS EPISODE – Wonder Woman, First Impressions and Initial Reactions (SPOILERS) (6/2/2017) – Hey folks! This bonus episode is all about Wonder Woman! We turned on the mic about ten minutes after finishing the midnight release of the film. As such, prepare for two very tired podcasters nerding out big time about an excellent film. Let us know what you think on Twitter at @jedi_counsel! PS – SPOILERS!

Episode 48: Myths, Part 4: Forensic Psychology-Related Myths & Silence of the Lambs (6/2/2017) – Hey folks! This week, we continue our mini-series on myths with a focus on forensic psychology-related misconceptions. Using Lilienfeld et al.’s book as a primary resource, we debunk the following myths 1) The polygraph (“Lie Detector”) test is an accurate means of detecting dishonesty (it’s not, BUT tune in to hear how it has a cool connection with Wonder Woman!), 2) Most people with mental illnesses are violent (they’re not!), 3) Criminal profiling is helpful in solving cases (not as helpful as we’d like), and more!  We also discuss Silence of the Lambs and speculate about what made Clarice Starling such a compelling character that she inspired many people to want to have similar career paths.

Episode 47: Myths, Part 3: Mental Health Myths (5/26/2017) – Hey folks! This week, we continue our mini-series on myths by addressing mental health-related misconceptions that people asked us about via Twitter or Facebook! In honor of mental health awareness month, we first talk about our training in clinical psychology and mention a few myths we’ve heard about our field. We refer to this link that goes into more detail about the differences between some different types of mental health professional training. Next, we address several more myths, such as: 1) suicides occur at higher rates during the winter holidays (they don’t), 2) all “talk therapy” is the same (it’s not), and more! DISCLAIMER: We are NOT trained medical professionals and you should not seek any advice for your personal situations from this podcast. You should speak directly to a medical or mental health professional about any concerns. We mention some general findings in the research for educational purposes, but it should not be used as advice.

Episode 46: BONUS EPISODE – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & the Psychology of Family Connections (5/26/2017) – Hey folks! Tune in this week to hear us geek out about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! WARNING: This episode contains tons of SPOILERS. We talk about aspects of the movie that we love, with a focus on family-related themes. We explore the plot and characters through a psychological lens and connect concepts with some of the therapeutic work we’ve done.

Episode 45: Myths, Part 2: Bullying Myths with Dr. Wendy Troop-Gordon (5/19/2017) – Hey folks! This week we continue our mini-series on myths with the fantastic Dr. Wendy Troop-Gordon, a developmental psychologist. Listen in as she takes us into the world of bullying research. What exactly is bullying? What do we know about it? What can we do about it? Listen in to find out all of this and more! 

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Episode 44: Myths, Part 1: Brain Myths with Dr. Rob Gordon (5/12/2017) – Hey folks! This week we begin our mini-series on myths. We start things off with special guest, Dr Robert Gordon, a cognitive psychologist. Listen in as we cover such myths including: do we use only 10% of our brain? Is our memory similar to a tape (or video) recorder? And is it possible to subliminally influence other people? For other great myths of psychology, check out this book that Dr. Gordon references here: http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-EHEP002362.html

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Episode 43: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (revisited) and Bereavement (5/5/2017) – Hey folks! This week we decided to just come full circle and revisit the topic that started it all, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! We dive in deciding whether or not the film holds up and then talk about Bruce Wayne’s response to the loss of his parents. We talking about responding to grief, different styles of grief, and how the relationship between bereavement and depression recently changed

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Episode 42: The Jedi Counsel and One Year of Podcasting (4/28/2016) – Hey folks, this week we decided to hit the brakes and reflect on one year of podcasting. What do we like, what have we learned, where are we going, and who do we have to thank. Listen in for all that and more. And, sincerely, thank you for tuning into the Jedi Counsel Podcast. 

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Episode 41: The Depiction of Suicide in Thirteen Reasons Why, Part 3 (4/21/2017)Content Warning: We include discussion of aspects of the series that include rape, stalking, photo sharing without consent, and suicidal behavior.

 This week, we conclude with our third episode in our mini-series on 13 Reasons Why. We continue to discuss the areas of accuracy, places in need of improvement, and what we know based on the research. This episode contains spoilers and information through the end of the series.

If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, help is available – please reach out at 1-800-273-TALK or https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

 For more information about sexual assault, look here. If you or someone you know is concerned about this issue, you can call 1-800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.

 Learn the warning signs for suicide here: http://www.suicidology.org/resources/warning-signs and risk factors here: https://afsp.org/about-suicide/risk-factors-and-warning-signs/.

 For more information on the articles discussed in this episode about suicide contagion, look here and here. For media guidelines for discussing suicide, look here.

 You can check out the other great Geek Therapy Podcast Network shows here!

Episode 40: The Depiction of Suicide in Thirteen Reasons Why, Part 2 (4/14/2017) – Hey Folks! This week we continue our second episode in our mini-series on 13 Reasons Why. We continue to discuss the areas of accuracy, places in need of improvement, and what we know based on the research. This episode contains spoilers and information through episode seven.

If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, help is available – please reach out at 1-800-273-TALK or https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/. Learn the warning signs for suicide here: http://www.suicidology.org/resources/warning-signs and risk factors here: https://afsp.org/about-suicide/risk-factors-and-warning-signs/.

You can check out the other great Geek Therapy Podcast Network shows here!

Episode 39: The Depiction of Suicide in Thirteen Reasons Why, Part 1
(4/7/2017) – Hey folks! This week, we start our first of a series of episodes on the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. We talk about areas of accuracy, as well as myths about suicide that are presented in the show. We discuss whether people should make memorials for people who die by suicide, warning signs, reasons for suicide, and how people respond following someone’s death by suicide. If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, help is available – please reach out at 1-800-273-TALK or https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/. Learn the warning signs for suicide here: http://www.suicidology.org/resources/warning-signs and risk factors here: https://afsp.org/about-suicide/risk-factors-and-warning-signs/.

You can check out the other great Geek Therapy Podcast Network shows here!
The survey link mentioned in the episode is here!

Episode 38: Major Depressive Disorder and Batgirl, Part 2 (4/7/2017) – Hey folks! This week we continue our discussion on major depressive disorder. We spend some time covering Aaron Beck‘s Cognitive Model of Depression as well as describe how Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (one of the empirically-supported interventions) works. Then we take what we learned and apply it to none other than Barbara Gordon, the Batgirl!

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The survey link mentioned in the episode is here!

Episode 37: Major Depressive Disorder and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Part 1 (3/31/2017) – Hey folks! This week we cover major depressive disorder! We start by going through some of the symptoms and prevalence rates. Then we tie it all back into none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Tune in next week for the epic conclusion where we will cover some of the theories and treatments for major depressive disorder.

Episode 36: The Geek Therapy Podcast Network and Josué Cardona (3/24/2017) – Hey folks! This week we were fortunate enough to interview the highly esteemed Josué Cardona! He is the founder of the Geek Therapy Podcast Network and was vital to Jedi Counsel becoming what it is today. 

Episode 35: Suicidal Ideation and Logan (3/17/2017) – ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS LOGAN SPOILERS*** Hey folks! This week we finally get to talk about Logan. We start with our overall impressions and then dive into some of the suicidal thoughts Logan is experiencing throughout the film. For more information related to suicide; click here for statistics, here for warning signs, and here for what you can do if you are concerned about a friend or loved one.

You can find Thomas Joiner‘s book about the interpersonal theory of suicide here. Katie’s lab’s study examining the stigma of suicide is available here.

You can check out the other great Geek Therapy Podcast Network shows here. You can check out our new Jedi Counsel merchandise here!

Episode 34: Internet Gaming Disorder and The Guild (3/10/2017) – Hey folks! This week, with some inspiration from MPR, we decided to talk about Internet Gaming Disorder. After talking a bit about the disorder, we cover one of the most accurate and compassionate depictions of mental illness in popular culture; The Guild with Felicia Day! Thanks for listening!

You can check out the other great Geek Therapy Podcast Network shows here!

Episode 33: Eating Disorder Awareness Week and Body Depictions in Comics (3/3/2017) – After two weeks off the air, we nearly forgot how to make podcasts! Just kidding… listen in as we dive into eating disorders. We start by covering the specific disorders, then talk a bit about body shape in comic books, and finish up by briefly touching upon treatments.
Click here for more information about eating disorders.
Click here for more information about treatments for eating disorders.
Click here for the Atlantic article on the comic book character Faith Herbert.
Click here for the article on Renae De Liz on drawing women in comics.

Episode 32: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Part 3: Split (2/20/2017) – Hey folks! This week we conclude our series on dissociative identity disorder by reviewing the 2016 film Split. Fresh from seeing it the night prior, we offer a quick plot summary, our reactions, whether it is an accurate representation, and whether it is a compassionate depiction. See here for the referenced article from The Guardian, sent in via Zach McGough. Thanks, Zach! 

Episode 31: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Part 2 (2/3/2017) – Hey folks! We start this week off with some current events, including the new MBMBAM tv trailer. After that, we continue our discussion of dissociative identity disorder. We start by covering a study by Spanos and with a discussion of the Hillside Strangler. Then we jump into some fictional examples, including Two-Face, of Batman fame, and Tara from The United States of Tara. Thanks for listening in!

Episode 30: Dissociative Identity Disorder (1/27/2017) – Hey folks! Big news! We are officially part of the Geek Therapy Podcast Network! Check out all of the great shows this wonderful network has available! After we nerd out about that, listen in as we begin our discussion of dissociative identity disorder. We start things off by talking about what the disorder is, what the symptoms are, and how it is treated! Next week we will dive in on how the disorder is portrayed in popular media!

Episode 29: Rogue One, Hope, and Representation (1/20/2017) – Hey folks! Today we finally got to talk about Rogue One. Sorry it took so long! Listen in as we talk about our general thoughts about the film and then get into some of the benefits of hope and representation. As always, thanks for listening in!

Episode 28: Bipolar Disorder and a Tribute to Carrie Fisher (1/13/2017) – Hey folks! Today we decided to talk a bit about Princess Leia Organa, Carrie Fisher, and Bipolar Disorder. Carrie Fisher did so much to advocate for for mental illness and deserved some attention. We also dive into Bipolar Disorder. We cover some myths/facts, the symptoms, and available treatments. Thanks for listening in!

Episode 27: Mad Max (1/9/2017) – We hope the new year is treating you well! This week’s episode covers one of our favorite characters, Mad Max! We cover a bit of the relevant background of the character and then dive into the psychology. Enjoy! 

Episode 26: Kevin Smith (1/1/2017) – Happy New Year, everyone! To bring in the new year, we decided to talk about one of our favorite people ever, Kevin Smith! Listen in as we talk about why we like him and how he inspired us and this project! Plus, this week’s episode features two, you read that right, two pearls of wisdom!

Episode 25: The McElroy Brothers, Humor, and Mental Health (12/23/2016) – Hi folks! During this episode we discuss the McElroy brothers! You might know them from My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, or any of their other great projects. You can find them all here! Listen in as we talk about why we like these good, good brothers, how humor and mental health might be related, and then we finish up by answering some questions on Yahoo! Answers related to psychology!

Episode 24: Dr. Horrible, Part 3 (12/9/2016) – The epic conclusion to our Dr. Horrible Commentary Saga is upon you! Listen in here as we conclude our commentary of this beautiful, yet harrowing, tale. 

Episode 23: Dr. Horrible, Part 2 (12/2/2016) – Welcome back to our Dr. Horrible Saga! You can listen in to part two here! Load it up and follow along as we continue this mystical journey through one of our favorite musicals!

Episode 22: Dr. Horrible, Part 1 (11/22/2016) – This week we decided to dive into one of our favorite musicals, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. We started this week with Act 1. Load it up and follow along with us as we provide our thoughts and commentary during this excellent piece!

Episode 21: Wonder Woman (11/12/2016) – This week is all Wonder Woman! We were inspired by the newly dropped trailer and the character herself! Listen in as we cover our perspective of Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman. (Also, please pardon the audio issues! We updated our recording set up and need to fine tune the process again! Thank you!)

Episode 20: Halloween Scare-tacular! Fear, Anxiety, and Phobias (10/27/2016) – This week we took a listener suggestion and decided to talk about fear! We start the conversation with Dr. Crane, the Scarecrow and talk a bit about Brandon’s research on fear. Then we move into the clinical realm with a discussion about fear, anxiety, and phobias. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Episode 19: Samantha Myhre, Music, and Mental Health (10/21/2016) – Listen in as we talk with special guest co-host, Samantha Myhre! She brings us her experiences as an instructor, clinician, and musician to tell us about the gaps between music and mental health. 

Episode 18: Superheroes and Coping Styles (10/14/2016) – In this episode we decided to talk about coping styles! Coping styles are the negative or positive ways in which we handle stress and negative emotions. After that we speak about the ways in which we find inspiration and motivation in superheroes, using them as a coping skill. How do superheroes help to inspire or motivate you?

Episode 17: Star Wars, Part 3 – The Light Side (10/7/2016) – Today we conclude our conversation on Star Wars by delving into the light side of the Force. We talk about our favorite characters as well as some of the ways in which the Jedi teachings, like mindfulness meditation, might apply to therapy or overall positive mental health.

Episode 16: Star Wars, Part 2 – The Dark Side (9/29/106) – Today we continued our conversation on Star Wars by delving into the dark side of the Force. Check out this discussion by Dr. Andrea Letamendi who inspired this week’s topic. We talk about our favorite Star Wars villains and what might lead someone to falling to the dark side. 

Episode 15: Star Wars and (some) Psychology, Part 1 (9/22/216)Today we decided to talk about Star Wars and largely forgot about mental health until the very end. Listen in as we talk about the Star Wars series and who our favorite characters are. We decided if there can be three Star Wars trilogies in the film world, our podcast can have its own Star Wars trilogy. Tune in as we continue the conversation about Star Wars and how it relates to mental health over the following two episodes.

Episode 14: The Science of Clinical Psychology (9/15/2016) – Today we decided to dive into the science of clinical psychology. Listen in as we describe how clinical scientists choose treatments as well as how those treatments undergo empirical investigation. For more information on the debate between therapy as a science vs an art, click here and here! You can find more information about empirically supported interventions here, and for children, here! And click here to learn more about treatments that harm! And for a great blog resource on empirically supported interventions, click here!

Episode 13: Jessica Jones and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (9/8/2016) – Today we talk about Marvel’s hit Netflix series, Jessica Jones! Listen in as we talk about our thoughts about the show in general, as well as the portrayal or mental health. Here is a closer look at some of the empirically-supported interventions. Here you can find some further resources for PTSD via the VA system.

Episode 12: The Controversy over Diagnosing Donald Trump (8/25/2016) – Today we dive into some of the controversy over diagnosing Donald Trump. It’s popped up throughout the media and social networks, but is it ethical? Listen in to learn more about this example, others, and the ethical standards surrounding this controversial topic!

Episode 11: Psychology and the Suicide Squad (8/18/2016) – Today we start by discussing our thoughts on the newest Rogue One trailer, which you can see here! After that, we dive into Suicide Squad! Listen in as we talk about some of our thoughts, as well as some specific psychology related to some of the characters.

Episode 10: Richard Early from Paradox Comics-N-Cards (8/11/2016) – Today we stopped over to our favorite comic book store, Paradox! Listen in as we discuss some of the psychology behind comic books and table top gaming with the owner, Richard Early. 

Episode 9: A Simple Case (8/4/2016) – We start with a quick recap of some related comic book news. After that, we dive into Batman #44, by Scott Snyder, in which he address multiple relevant social issues related to racial disparities. For more information on the topic, please check out a blog post by our very own Katie Gordon, an excellent Science Friday podcast episode about the health costs of racism, or this excellent YouTube video by Dr. Ali Mattu of The Psych Show. 

Episode 8: The Killing Joke (7/28/2016) – We start things off with our new current events sections. Hear our thoughts about the recent Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers. After that, we discuss both the graphic novel as well as the recent film adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Hear our thoughts about how they portray the character of Batgirl as well as mental health. 

Episode 7: Pokemon GO! and Dark Night: A True Batman Story (7/14/16) – We discuss the wildly popular Pokemon Go! game. What are some of the pros and cons that you have noticed? After that we talk about one of our new favorite graphic novels, Dark Night: A True Batman Story by Paul Dini. 

Episode 6: Why Does Everyone Hate Kylo Ren? (6/22/16) – We discuss the character Kylo Ren. Everyone seems to dislike him. We really enjoyed him! Listen along as we discuss some of the common criticisms and then respond directly to comments that we found on the World Wide Web!

Episode 5: Comics & Psychology (6/16/16)We discuss how we became interested in comics, what we like so much about Buffy and Batman, DC Rebirth, and potential applications of comics in mental health settings. We get most of our comics at Paradox Comics-N-Cards. We especially like DC Comics & Dark Horse Comics. Many excellent psychologists have utilized comics in their work – we have posted links to their websites here.

Episode 4: Dungeons and Dragons (6/2/16) – We provide some description and history on Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition and discuss some of the ways in which the fantasy genre (games and other media) are viewed negatively as well as the ways D&D has experienced a resurgence and has been implemented in a therapeutic setting.

Episode 3: Diversity Day (5/26/16) – We provide commentary for one of our favorite episodes of The Office (Diversity Day) and discuss culturally-sensitive mental health services.

Episode 2: Harley Quinn and The Joker (5/23/16) – We discuss our views about Harley Quinn, The Joker, and their relationship from a psychological perspective.

Episode 1: Batman v Superman (4/1/16) – We discuss our views about the movie, Batman v Superman, from a mental health perspective.