Jedi Counsel Podcast 58 – To the Bone and Anorexia Nervosa, Part 2

Content Warning: This episode includes discussion of suicide and eating disorders.


Hi, super-cool listeners! This episode is a continued discussion of the Netflix movie, To The Bone. We respond to more listener-submitted questions about eating disorders and treatment. Next, we discuss our opinions about the benefits and risks associated with depictions of mental health problems in social media, movies, and shows. We conclude with one of Brandon’s beloved pearls of wisdom. Thanks for tuning in!! For more information on eating disorders, check out the Academy for Eating Disorders and the Clinical Psychology section of the American Psychological Association website. You can find more information about the two studies that we discuss here & here

Jedi Counsel Podcast 57 – To the Bone and Anorexia Nervosa, Part 1

Hello, wonderful listeners! This episode focuses on the Netflix movie To The Bone. First, we talk about the symptoms of anorexia nervosa and the differences between anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. Then, we give our overall impressions of the movie, evaluate the depictions of eating disorders and therapy in it, and address questions that people submitted (thank you, question-submitters!). We conclude with a bit of a tangential discussion of Frasier and decide that we’ll need a second episode to talk more about the movie and treatment for anorexia nervosa. If you’d like to learn more about Maudsley (which was briefly mentioned in the movie), this is an outstanding resource. Thank you so much for tuning in!!!