Jedi Counsel Podcast 78 – Bonus Episode, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review Reaction Pod!

Hey, Jedi friends! We just saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Here is our spoiler filled reaction podcast! Let us know what you thought on Twitter or Facebook!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 66 – Exploring Language in Science Fiction with Dr. Erin Conwell

Hello, Jedi Counsel listeners! This episode features Dr. Erin Conwell, a special guest with expertise in language. Listen in to hear Dr. Conwell discuss the depiction of dialects in movies such as Good Will Hunting and Wonder Woman. Dr. Conwell also shared fascinating information about the fictional languages in Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and more! We learned so many fun facts making this episode, and we hope you enjoy it!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 29 – Rogue One, Hope, and Representation

Hey folks! Today we finally got to talk about Rogue One. Sorry it took so long! Listen in as we talk about our general thoughts about the film and then get into some of the benefits of hope and representation. As always, thanks for listening in!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 28 – Bipolar Disorder and a Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Hey folks! Today we decided to talk a bit about Princess Leia Organa, Carrie Fisher, and Bipolar Disorder. Carrie Fisher did so much to advocate for for mental illness and deserved some attention. We also dive into Bipolar Disorder. We cover some myths/facts, the symptoms, and available treatments. Thanks for listening in!

NOTE: Katie said that Carrie Fisher helped with the Empire Strike Back script in this episode, but later learned that was false. Sorry about that error!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 17 – Star Wars, Part 3

Today we conclude our conversation on Star Wars by delving into the light side of the Force. We talk about our favorite characters as well as some of the ways in which the Jedi teachings, like mindfulness meditation, might apply to therapy or overall positive mental health.

Jedi Counsel Podcast 16 – Star Wars, Part 2 – The Dark Side

Today we continued our conversation on Star Wars by delving into the dark side of the Force. Check out this discussion by Dr. Andrea Letamendi who inspired this week’s topic. We talk about our favorite Star Wars villains and what might lead someone to falling to the dark side. 

Jedi Counsel Podcast 15 – Star Wars and (some) Psychology, Part 1

Today we decided to talk about Star Wars and largely forgot about mental health until the very end. Listen in as we talk about the Star Wars series and who our favorite characters are. We decided if there can be three Star Wars trilogies in the film world, our podcast can have its own Star Wars trilogy. Tune in as we continue the conversation about Star Wars and how it relates to mental health over the following two episodes.

Jedi Counsel Podcast 6 – Why does everyone hate Kylo Ren!?

We discuss the character Kylo Ren. Everyone seems to dislike him. We really enjoyed him! Listen along as we discuss some of the common criticisms and then respond directly to comments that we found on the World Wide Web!

NOTE: This early episode suffers from lower sound quality, as we were just learning about podcasting. Feel free to jump to Episode 13 for a dramatic increase in sound quality. Thanks!