The Rickistential Podcast 4 – Rick Potion #9 and Raising Gazropazorp (S1, E6 & E7)

Hello, Rickistentialists! This week we discussed “Rick Potion #9” and “Raising Gazropazorp.” First, we talked about fictional portrayals of romantic relationships and highlighted some healthy examples while also pointing out some unhealthy examples of fictional relationships. We chatted about how therapy might help individuals who have dating-related concerns. Then, we talked about parenting and the influences of nature and nurture on children.

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The Rickistential Podcast 3 – Meeseeks and Simulation (S1, E4 & E5)

This week, we continued our (unofficial) analysis of Rick and Morty by discussing “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” and “MeSeeks and Destroy.” We spent some time talking about David Cross’ guest appearance, a cognitive-behavioral therapy conceptualization of self-worth and work, and how to treat a fear of public speaking. Then, we highlighted an interaction between Rick and Morty, where Rick claimed the world was chaotic. Morty replied by telling Rick that he was the chaotic one. We connected this to some of Rick’s personality disorder features. The show also focused on Beth as she struggled to recognize different aspects of her identity. We hope you enjoy this episode! Thanks SO much for listening!

Episode 2: Snuffles Takes Over & Pirates of The Pancreas (S1, E2 & E3)

In this episode, we talked about episodes 2 (Lawnmower Dog) and 3 (Anatomy Park) from Season 1! We talked about our favorite parts of the shows and discussed some of the psychological concepts that appeared in the episode, including: time-outs/grounding, mental health effects of social media use, whether dogs really dream 7 times faster than humans, learning how to chill, and informed consent in experimental scientific procedures. Thanks for listening!

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Podcast Pilot (S1, E1)

Welcome to our new podcast where we will have lively discussion about psychology, mental health, humor, and life lessons from the brilliant show Rick and Morty! This show was made possible by our wonderful Patreon patrons. We are so grateful for their support! The beautiful artwork for our podcast is by Murray. You can check out his other art on Twitter and Instagram at @TheMuzzMc. The title of our podcast was suggested by Jurisfiction Podcast. We opened the podcast by talking about recent news about Dan Harmon. Then, we launched into our analysis of the first episode of Rick and Morty. We discussed their family dynamics, psychological characteristics, and more!

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Jedi Counsel Podcast 63 – Rick and Morty Series Part 3: Toxic Rick and Motivational Interviewing

Hey fans from Dimension C-137! This week we conclude our series by picking up with Motivational Interviewing. We give a brief primer of what this treatment looks like and discuss whether or not it might be an effective treatment option for Rick. After that, we briefly discuss the episode called Rest and Ricklaxation, in which we see what qualities Rick perceives to be toxic. Lastly (well actually early on, but still), we announce our potential plans to start a brand new Rick and Morty podcast geared toward breaking down the psychology in each and every episode! If you have liked this mini-series,  you can support the funding for the new podcast at our Patreon page at Thank you!! 

Jedi Counsel Podcast 62 – Rick & Morty Series, Part 2: The Psychology of Rick Sanchez

Hello, Rick and Morty fans! This week, we continue our series with a focus on Rick’s mental health (after 15 minutes of talking about unrelated stuff first, like Frasier). We discuss whether Rick exhibits symptoms of antisocial or narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy, or an alcohol use disorder. For more details on these topics, check out our full blog post about Rick’s mental health or the video of our Psychology of the Dark Side talk. Finally, we mention a wonderful video featuring Dr. Andrea Letamendi at the beginning of the episode. You can watch it here. We hope you enjoy this episode! If you do, please do us a favor and leave us a review on iTunes! Thank you so much!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 61 – Rick & Morty Series, Part 1: Pickle Rick & Family Therapy

Hello, super-awesome listeners! This week, we begin our series on Rick & Morty by discussing the Pickle Rick episode in detail. We closely analyze the family dynamics as they meet with their therapist, Dr. Wong. We weigh in with our interpretations and thoughts on Dr. Wong’s interpretations and thoughts. This episode was totally inspired by listener suggestions and came to be through popular demand– so thank you all very much! This one’s especially for all of you who kindly recommended it to us! We hope you enjoy it!