Eating Disorders During & After Pregnancy with Dr. Emily Pisetsky

This episode is an interview with Dr. Emily Pisetsky, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and licensed psychologist. First, Dr. Pisetsky shared how she became interested in clinical psychology and the pathway she took toward studying and treating eating disorders. Next, we talked about research on body image and eating disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Dr. Pisetsky shared useful tips for curating social media feeds to maximize mental health. In addition, Dr. Pisetsky discussed prevention and treatment approaches for mental health concerns during and after pregnancy (including the importance of social support). Dr. Pisetsky has made important contributions to the field of eating disorders through both research and clinical work, and I highly recommend keeping up with her through her Google Scholar and Twitter accounts! You can also check out Dr. Pisetsky’s faculty webpage and her recent article on emerging psychological treatments in eating disorders.

Resources for Mental Health During & After Pregnancy

National Eating Disorder Association

Postpartum Support International

Antenatal and Postnatal Psychopathology among Women with Current and Past Eating Disorders: Longitudinal Patterns

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy

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Jedi Counsel Podcast 64 – Stress, Pregnancy, & Wynonna Earp with Dr. Clayton Hilmert

Hi there, Jedi Counsel listeners! This week was a fun and busy one for us! We were guests on DoxCast (a podcast hosted by our favorite comic book store) and #SPSM (a youtube show hosted by experts in suicide prevention). We were also very pleased to have a special guest on our show. Dr. Clayton Hilmert is a health psychologist with expertise in the impact of stress on the body (e.g., how it can lead to cardiovascular problems). We recommend checking out his fascinating TEDx talk! In this episode, Dr. Hilmert first talked to us about his important research on stress during pregnancy and how it can lead to adverse birth outcomes (e.g., low birth weight, infant mortality), racial disparities in birth outcomes, and how social connections can help to lessen the negative effects of stress. Next, we discussed how his research findings connect to the TV series, Wynonna Earp. We talked about how Wynonna’s pregnancy was represented in the show and discussed the implications of the stressors she experienced. Finally, we concluded with Dr. Hilmert telling us about his favorite fictional character. Thank you for listening!