Jedi Counsel Podcast 90 – Talking Social Justice, Psychology, and Black Panther with Dr Lamisha Hill and Dr Bedford Palmer from Naming It

Hello! This week, we talked to the co-hosts of one of our favorite podcasts, Naming It. Dr. LaMisha Hill and Dr. Bedford Palmer describe their podcast as a place “where we discuss pop culture, current events, and how they relate to the way we live our lives – all through the lens of two Black psychologists. Naming It is dedicated to acknowledging the elephant in the room—validating the lived experience of people of color.” We talked to them about the origins and purpose of their podcast, the geeky activities that they currently enjoy, and their thoughts about Black Panther. Thanks for listening!

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Jedi Counsel Podcast 84 – Black Panther Reaction Episode

Hi folks! This week’s episode is our reaction to seeing Black Panther! The episode contains major spoilers, so hold off until you see the film (which we highly recommend doing!) Thanks for being patient as we’ve been ill and unusually busy! We will be back on our regular schedule very soon! Tweet us and let us know what you thought of the movie!