Jedi Counsel Podcast 73 – Stranger Things 2 Series, Part 2

Happy Friday, Jedi Counsel listeners! In this episode, we continue our discussion of Stranger Things 2, focusing primarily on episodes 4-6. Again, tons of spoilers! This week we focus on the depiction of psychological topics related to: punishment as a behavior modification strategy, providing appropriate and helpful diagnostic feedback, the importance and influence of having a name, the impact of trauma on hippocampal volume, dating advice and asking for consent, and active listening. Join us next week as we conclude our mini-series on the psychological science depicted in Strange Things 2!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 70 – The Psychology of Behavior Change, Part 2

Hi, Jedi Counsel listeners! This episode continues with a discussion of the psychological science underlying behavioral modification (i.e., behavioral change). We talk about applying reinforcement principles, behavior tracking, and planning to self-change efforts. We share some of the apps and methods that we have personally found helpful. We mention the following in the episode: HabitBullSuperBetter, and Level Up Your Life (to our knowledge none have been scientifically-tested, but we have personally found them useful). We wish you a wonderful week with good mental health!

Jedi Counsel Podcast 69 – Psychology of Behavior Change, Part 1

Hello! This episode starts off with a brief discussion of the #MeToo social media movement that arose following the news coverage about Harvey Weinstein and those affected by his harmful behavior. For more information about #MeToo, please look here. If it it’s helpful, please check out RAINN. It is an anti-sexual violence organization with a website that contains resources, information, and a hotline (800-656-4673). Next, we begin an introduction to the psychological science underlying behavioral modification (i.e., behavioral change). We talk about reinforcement, punishment, and other aspects of behavior. Our next episode will discuss how you can use these principles to change your own behaviors and habits. Thanks for listening!