Jedi Counsel Podcast 109 – Asian Representation in Crazy Rich Asians & Hamilton with Dr. Gina Hiraoka

Dr. Gina Hiraoka is a clinical psychologist with expertise in mental health treatment for veterans.* In this episode, we discussed misconceptions about treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (e.g., short-term vs. long-term decisions related to avoidance and exposure). Next, we talked about Crazy Rich Asians and Dr. Hiraoka’s experiences with (lack of) representation growing up. She told us about the term hapa (meaning part-Asian and/or Pacific Islander) and shared her thoughts on some of the controversy surrounding Henry Golding being cast in the film. We concluded with some discussion of Hamilton and Phillipa Soo being cast as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. We learned a lot from Dr. Hiraoka and hope you enjoy this episode! Thanks so much for listening!


*All of Dr. Hiraoka’s opinions are her own and do not reflect those of her employer/the federal government.


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