Jedi Counsel Podcast 107 – The Science of Memory and the Kavanaugh Allegations with Dr. Jonathan Corbin

We invited Dr. Jonathan Corbin to talk to us about his expertise in memory research. We first asked Dr. Corbin’s thoughts on media claims about Dr. Ford’s allegations. He described current scientific knowledge about how memory works, including explanations of flashbulb memories, eyewitness testimony, false memories, repressed memories, and best practices for asking people about events that occurred long ago. Dr. Corbin also explained how the context for memory influences the way it is assessed (e.g., clinical vs. legal vs. everyday settings). We discussed depictions of memory in fiction (e.g., Memento) and then concluded with Dr. Corbin’s thoughts about the questioning of Dr. Ford by the Senate panel. You can learn more about Dr. Corbin’s work on his website: and by following him on Twitter: @JonathanCorbin2.


For more information, here are links to topics mentioned in the episode:

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Memory researchers who were mentioned: Drs. Loftus, Simons, Brainerd

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