Jedi Counsel Podcast 106 – Giving Away Psychology with The Arkham Asylum Doc, Dr. Andrea Letamendi

We spoke to Dr. Andrea Letamendi, who is a clinical psychologist and the Associate Director of Mental Health for Residential Life at UCLA. In addition to her work helping college students with their mental health needs, she also admirably shares scientifically accurate mental health information with the public. She does this through co-hosting an amazing Batman podcast (The Arkham Sessions) and an awesome Star Wars podcast (Lattes with Leia), through her writing on Under the Mask and an inspiring TEDx talk, and through other public speaking appearances. We spoke to Dr. Letamendi about how she got interested in clinical psychology, what it’s been like sharing her personal experiences with imposter syndrome with the public, and how she embraces her identity as a geek in her work. Dr. Letamendi also told us about her experience consulting with Gail Simone on the New 52 Batgirl series and having a therapist comic book character named after her. We concluded with discussion of Dr. Letamendi’s future projects. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode – we had a lot of fun recording it!

 Check out more of Dr. Andrea Letamendi’s work at her website: and on Twitter: @ArkhamAsylumDoc .

** due to some Skype connectivity issues, some of the sound quality varies a bit in the second half of the episode. Although the quality wavers, the content does not!