Jedi Counsel Podcast 99 – Podcasting, Mental Health, & Humor with Aryeh Cohen-Wade

We spoke to Aryeh Cohen-Wade, who is the executive editor of and, the host of the podcast Culturally Determined, an excellent writer, and a funny tweeter. First, he provided us with some background on and walked us through his podcasting process. Culturally Determined includes discussions of a broad range of controversial and interesting topics (e.g., cultural appropriation, the Rick & Morty fandombody positivity) with diverse guests (e.g., David LittOsita NwanevuNatalie Wynn of ContraPoints). Next, we discussed a particularly powerful Culturally Determined episode on long-term antidepressant use with Danielle Tcholokian. Aryeh told us what it was like to share some of his own experiences with depression on that episode. We concluded with a discussion about mental health and humor, and Aryeh recommended listening to The Hilarious World of Depression.

Check out more of Aryeh’s work and writing at his website: and on Twitter: @AryehCW.

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