Jedi Counsel Podcast 83 – The Big Lebowski

Hi, Achievers! It’s almost the 20th anniversary of the classic film, The Big Lebowski! This episode is the first in a series that will explore psychological elements of the colorful, charismatic characters in this film. We began with an overview of connections between the Coen Brothers and the city where we live (Fargo). Then, we geeked out about some of our favorite aspects of the movie. Next, we discussed whether The Dude is experiencing cannabis use disorder or not. For more details on The Dude’s mental health, read our full fictional evaluation of The Dude. Finally, we concluded by speculating about where Walter Sobchak and The Dude would fall on each of the Big 5 personality traits. There are more Lebowski episodes planned. Contact us on Twitter if you have any specific topics you’d like us to talk about! Thanks for listening! We are grateful for your support!

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