Jedi Counsel Podcast 68 – Trends Like These Tribute Episode: Beyond the Psychology Headlines

Hello, loyal Jedi Counsel listeners! Trends Like These by Brent Black and Travis McElroy is one of our FAVORITE podcasts! As a fan tribute to them, we designed this episode with their podcast structure in mind (e.g., rhyming headlines, Bevs Like These, news stories, and Wi-Fives). While our podcast usually explores mental health in fictional characters, this episode is all about discussing recent psychology-related new stories.

These are the 4 stories we discussed:

1 MENSA Offers to Host IQ Test for Trump and Tillerson

    For more on IQs, check out this article and this link. Learn more about Rosa’s Law here. For research showing how environments are related to various outcomes, look here and here.

2 Why Adults are Obsessed with Teen Dramas, According to Psychology

3 Pete Davidson Addresses Borderline Personality Disorder on Saturday Night Live

    For more about borderline personality disorder and its treatment, check out this link and this one.

4 Billion-Tweet Study Proves We Write Happier Messages When the Weather is Good

We concluded the episode by thanking Brent and Travis for their tweets on #WorldMentalHealthDay. They each shared their experiences with mental health issues to reduce stigma, and we think that is inspiring and awesome! We hope you all enjoy this non-fiction episode! Next week, we’ll be back to fiction!

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