Jedi Counsel Podcast 48 – Myths, Part 4: Forensic Psychology-Related Myths & Silence of the Lambs

Hey folks! This week, we continue our mini-series on myths with a focus on forensic psychology-related misconceptions. Using Lilienfeld et al.’s book as a primary resource, we debunk the following myths 1) The polygraph (“Lie Detector”) test is an accurate means of detecting dishonesty (it’s not, BUT tune in to hear how it has a cool connection with Wonder Woman!), 2) Most people with mental illnesses are violent (they’re not!), 3) Criminal profiling is helpful in solving cases (not as helpful as we’d like), and more!  We also discuss Silence of the Lambs and speculate about what made Clarice Starling such a compelling character that she inspired many people to want to have similar career paths.

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