Jedi Counsel Podcast 47 – Myths, Part 3 Mental Health Myths

Hey folks! This week, we continue our mini-series on myths by addressing mental health-related misconceptions that people asked us about via Twitter or Facebook! In honor of mental health awareness month, we first talk about our training in clinical psychology and mention a few myths we’ve heard about our field. We refer to this link that goes into more detail about the differences between some different types of mental health professional training. Next, we address several more myths, such as: 1) suicides occur at higher rates during the winter holidays (they don’t), 2) all “talk therapy” is the same (it’s not), and more! DISCLAIMER: We are NOT trained medical professionals and you should not seek any advice for your personal situations from this podcast. You should speak directly to a medical or mental health professional about any concerns. We mention some general findings in the research for educational purposes, but it should not be used as advice.

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